Saturday, February 20, 2010

fashion week bleeps. models, weight of the world.

I don't have time to do a full rundown of what I think of NY Fashion Week so far, other than to say, I wish I was there.
Here are some brief little snerps (just made that word up) of what's on my mind at this very moment.

I looked at the Marc Jacobs FW2010 collection online before watching the video of the runway show, which was a mistake. At first glance I thought, wow, boring. He's done all of this before. But after watching the show, I was taken back to an old time. Like, the time I first saw a Marc Jacobs runway show, or first learned who he even was. This collection is true classic Marc. Most of it has been done before, but it's been updated and tweaked. It's like classic Marc, love story Marc.
And it made me kind of love him again.

Oscar de la Renta. To me, this man can do no wrong. He was one of the first designers I grew to totally love. My style may change over the years, but I never, ever stop appreciating how everything he does looks so elegant and timeless but modern and hip at the same time. I want to wear his coats and dresses in Paris, with little gloves and a hat.

as for the rest, so far.... I loved the story that Rodarte was trying to tell...ghostly mexican border towns, being stuck in a dream... they have such interesting themes and inspiration, but I just didnt love the collection in its own. The clothes just seemed kind of sad and thrown together. It reminded me of being a little girl and playing with random stuff in the basement like bed sheets and pillows and wigs and stuffed animals, and chopping it all up and making robes. weird.

Alexander Wang's collection was interestingly done for sure. Sort of wall street business woman mixed with bank robber or something? It was beautiful crafted, but I dont think I'd be dying to wear most of it. A little let down mr. wang. But really respectable tailoring, for sure. I still love you anyway because you're so cool.

LAMB, Vena Cava, ACME, and Temperly London were a few of my absolute favorites so far.

Its hard to really pay attention when I have so much work to do still for my own show. I hope I can pull it off. I emailed my models recently to update them on a few things for the show and was saddened by how many had responded with "So excited, hitting the gym twice a day until then!" or "Starving myself just for your show!" I want to say something, but dont want to offend anyone. Half of my models are friends of mine. I can understand feeing pressure to suddenly "look like a model" when you aren't really a model on a regular basis. But ladies, I choose you based on who you are and have always been. I want to make these beautiful friends of mine actually feel as beautiful as they are, and apparently can't see sometimes. Im making clothing you cant buy at H&M, I want to see it on real people. So far the lives of these garments have only experienced hangers and dress forms. They want to breath, to move, to sweat, to smile. My dream person to design for would be Dita Von Teese, not Rachel Zoe. (gross.) it's a woman who is confident, sexy, daring, and doesn't take any shit.

So models, if you're reading this, go eat a sandwich, drink a martini wearing dark red lipstick, and start loving yourselves for god sakes, otherwise, you're never going to be able to pull off my clothes.

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