Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The collection for spring 2010 is coming along! Still trying to plan a show for the Fall, but more interested in being involved with other designers and Detroit Fashion Week events. I recently discovered that there is a group of people sponsoring an event called "Fashion In Detroit" which will be on October 1st and 2nd of this year. Why I didn't hear about this until just now is blowing my mind, but my HOPE is that they still have some room for another designer, and that I can somehow find a way to show them some of my work in time for the show. If anyone reading this has any information I would appreciate it! I did send an an email to the info address listed on so we'll see....

The hardest part right now about making a new collection is my space! My fiance and I are sharing a house with 3 other people, while we look for our own house and my work space is a small corner of a basement. I try to make it work wherever I can, but it has become quite difficult. Until a later date though, I will dream of a spacious loft filled with tables upon tables for fabric cutting, and rows of naked dress forms just begging to be draped upon, and use those livid dreams to propel me into a collection sewn by the angels of imaginary feng shui.
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