Thursday, January 22, 2009

I haven't updated in a long time, but I have been so busy! I started interning with Cynthia Rowley last week, and it has been really great. It's a very hands on internship, and I spend a lot of time making patterns, cutting fabric, and sometimes even contributing my thoughts/creativity towards designs for the Fall 09 collection - which will show on Feb 16th! I also run around the garment district a lot, picking up fabrics, trims, etc. For the most part I go to places I am pretty familiar with such as Mood, B&J, etc - but every now and then I get to discover a new hidden gem I didn't know about, that will come in veeeeeeeeeerrrrr handy in my future as a designer - such as Global Leathers! They are located at and have so many thousands of different leather skins. I'm not a huge leather person, being very pro-animal rights, vegan, and all that - but I'm not totally against using it for fashion, I do own a pair of leather boots - and appreciate it's beauty when used in the right garment. It's an issue I'm torn on I guess. You'll never see me doing a full leather collection or anything, but I'm not totally opposed to it - that's what I mean. I love that at CR they get most of their stuff from the garment district instead of ordering online or something. It's really important to support these small businesses in New York - where all this started. It makes me happy to be lifted up 10 stories in a rickety elevator - sometimes accompanied by a doorman cranking a wheel - sometimes left to my own devices to find my way up there - to find a floor packed full of beautiful fabrics and some old polish man handing me my stuff in a plastic bag. It's amazing.

Before I came back here, I spent 3 weeks with my family and friends in Michigan for the holidays. I had a lot of fun, but also did some work. I did a photo shoot with Lisa Belzak as my model, Josh Band took my photos, and Sandi Alfani did my hair and makeup. We arent totally done editing the shots, but here are a few of them!

vintage shot

the 1950's bridesmaid dress







I will post a bunch more very soon - we took 550 photos and have to edit them down. :)
It was such a blast and Josh, Lisa and Sandi were a true dream team to work with. I plan on working with them in the future!