Thursday, February 25, 2010


Lois Greenfield

Daryl Banks

Alfred Eisenstaedt for Life Magazine

One of my favorite videos on making tutu's.

I miss ballet. Before I left for New York, I was taking 4 classes a week. I miss the stillness of it, the silence in the movement. Being forced to concentrate so hard on one single thing. It was my therapy. My last winter in New York I went and saw the Nutcracker, performed by the New York City Ballet. I cried halfway through it because it was so beautiful. Many would argue the beauty of the Nutcracker, above all the other millions of beautiful ballets out there, but for me, it is the most beautiful. It was the first ballet I ever saw, with my mom, a long, long time ago. In my current collection, there is a shadow of a ballerina influence, as expected. :) I used to walk down 8th Avenue alot to get to the Garment District, and somewhere near 8th & 39th there is a professional Ballet studio (I haven't been able to figure out which company it is, but that location WAS recently used in a national fashion photo shoot), and often you could catch them dancing in the enormous glass windows that overlooked the city. Man, I miss New York.

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