Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's been way too long since I've updated this site! I completed my first year at F.I.T in May, and have been having a good summer. I've had two internships - one in the winter with Silvia Hillman of Pepper and Pistol - - which was fantastic, I helped to prepare the Fall '08 Collection and I learned so much from her! And now I'm currently interning with Alisha Trimble, helping her prepare her collection for Spring '09. I'm having a blast and Alisha has been great to work with. I'm so excited for the Fall when I get to see our hard word stomping fiercely down the runway! Her website is at

I am trying to get a photoshoot going this summer so I can post all of my new stuff on this blog... but here is a small preview of some of the things I've done recently.

Here is my jacket and dress, which were my final project in Draping II with Professor Arata-Gavera, who was the best prof I've ever had in my life. I'm going to miss her this year!! Our focus was on Jackets. We had total creative freedom - the only requirment was that the basis of the jacket be in 100% wool, and it had to have at least 1 pocket, be fully lined, and have some sort of a collar. My trim was done in a very nice faux fur. This particular faux fur has a really great story behind it. The first time I ever visited NYC I took a trip to Mood for the first time. This was before I even considered that I'd ever be able to attend fashion school in New York. Anyway, I saw that fur in Mood...and bought a yard of it. When I got home I made a beautiful capelet out of it... it was the nicest thing I ever made. How funny that 2 years later I would be in CLASS, doing a final project at FIT, and was able to find the same faux fur at Mood - which is one of the most highly trafficed fabic store in New York!

So anyway, back to the designs. I did the collar and the sleeve bottoms (which are supposed to look like an old fashioned Muff when the woman has her hands together!) and the lining is in a silk organza, I really am proud of this jacket. It was a lot of work, but by far my most treasured design to date. I hope this Fall/Winter I get to wear it to some fabulous fancy party in the city.

The dress is done in the same silk as the coat lining, and is just a fun 50's style dress. I did a tulle petticoat underneath to really make it pouf out! I got an A+ on this project. :)

Here are some illustrations! This was a Louise Brooks inspired line I sketched out...

I have a lot more of my summer work up on my flickr site, which can be viewed at

I will try and update more often!