Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make your life less gross, buy local.

SHOP LOCAL This holiday season! I am running a one-time only sample sale on etsy right now! Check out 2010 and 2011 sample sale items marked down over 50% off now through next week.

Is there an item you love that is not in your size? Send me a message and let me know! I do custom work as well and can make most items listed in other sizes. Spend black friday with your family instead of waiting in line at best buy for a free TV and a Snuggie made by someone in a 3rd world country. Make your life less gross. Buy local.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wolf Hats!

I have had such a great response from my wolf hats! Some of you amazing little beasts have even sent photos, which I just adore. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot when you shop local since there are so many other shopping options now a days.






If you still want one, I have TWO left, and then that's it! No more will be made. I like to limit production on my clothing and accessories because it makes them more special. Everyone likes to be unique. Everyone is a special snowflake when wearing Kelly Lynne.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Homeslice Label Launch Party and Runway Show

I had such a good time being a part of this event on Friday. Emily Thornhill of Homeslice is so sweet and down to earth and also obviously an incredible designer. Her new collection is gorgeous. The local designers of Detroit need to work together, and I was so excited she asked me to participate in her event along side great talents Camilo Pardo and Terrance Sullivan - both of whom I was so happy to meet and share the runway with. Collaboration is the key to success in this city. Those who stick to that mind set will always be successful. :)

Farewell 2011 collection. It's time to head into 2012....

Above Photos by: Debbie Sipes

Me and Emily with our girls!

OH, and a HUGE thank you to Erin, Katie and Blank Canvas Detroit for making my girls look so beautiful! And of course thank you to all the amazing models who continue to support me and encourage me by walking in my shows with such joy and enthusiasm. :) :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DBD Fashion Presentation, Trunk Show, and Homeslice Label Launch

This friday the KL 2011 collection will be shown one final time at the Detroit by Design Homeslice label launch fashion show. You can find out more information by visiting the facebook page here.


Fashion Designer Runway Shows:
Homeslice, Terrance Sullivan, Kelly Lynne, Camilo Pardo


Event: 8:30pm-10:00pm
Runway Show: 9:30pm
Afterglow (Atlas Bistro): 10:00pm

323EAST POP-UP SHOP //////////////////

Support Detroit Designers! Buy new garments from Detroit's hottest established and emerging fashion designers. Check out our 323East Pop-Up Shop for great shopping opportunities. Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards accepted.

RUNWAY SHOWS //////////////////

Emily Thornhill, Camilo Pardo, Kelly Lynne, and Terrance Sullivan will show their collections during an avant-garde, multimedia, runway show featuring live video artist Vger. Detroit radio personality Ashley Elyse will host the presentation.

ARTISTS AND SPONSORS //////////////////

Buy designer apparel fresh off the runway in our 323East pop-up shop including artwork by Bethany Shorb and fel3000ft. Sponsors including IT! Magazine, After5 Detroit, Colonial Events, Vincent Sherk and Iconic Salon, Source Audio, Breakaway Spirits, Red Bull, Detroit By Design, and Art in Development. Please RSVP to gaurantee your accomodation.

DESIGNER BIOS //////////////////

Designer Emily Thornhill: Homeslice
Veteran designer Emily Thornhill, 26, founded Homeslice clothing in January 2011. She is best known as the former co-owner of metro-Detroit grass roots couture label, Femilia Couture. With an AFA in Fashion Design, Emily has designed and manufactured consecutive collections in and around metro-Detroit for the past 5 years. Noteworthy showcases have included events with Fashion Group International, Detroit Fashion Week, Fashion in Detroit and the Metropolitan Opera House while continuously supporting the local Detroit community with charity and mentoring. Her most recent collection was carried by Detroit's 71 Pop. Once named under prior brand ‘Best emerging Design label’ by Real Detroit Weekly. Under Homeslice Emily hopes to promote sustainable living and responsible consumerism by supporting 100% organic, American farmers who supply all her collections textiles.

Designer Terrance Sullivan: Terrance Sullivan
Terrance Sullivan was born in Detroit and attended Cass Technical High School and studied four years in the school's fashion illustration and design curriculum. From January 2000 thru April 2002 Sullivan worked in New York City with designer Maurice Malone. From 2002 - 2004 Sullivan collaborated with designer Michelle Siwy of Siwy Denim on various denim projects. In 2003 Sullivan created his first denim jean with the label T.Sul. This women's flair leg jean featured a detailed wash and resin finish, selling in boutiques nationally. In December 2007, Sullivan launched his first women's ready-to-wear collection with the Terrance Sullivan label. In October 2009 Sullivan opened his first Terrance Sullivan Collection store located in Birmingham, Michigan.

Designer Kelly Sager: Kelly Lynne:
Kelly Sager is a Detroit based designer who focuses on creating edgy, unique, fashion forward clothing, while re-using as many found materials as possible and changing what was once nothing, into something. She has a passion for costuming and combining fashion with art, and is influenced by things that fall under the radar for most; finding beauty in the odd and forsaken. Kelly attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York receiving a degree in fashion design and graduated with honors status of Cum Laude in May of 2009. Kelly returned to the area after graduation. Less than a year later, she launched her first full women's ready to wear line for Fall 2010, which featured 22 looks in a full scale runway show.

Designer Camilo Pardo: Designs by Camilo
Camilo Pardo is a well-established international artist/designer and local Detroit personality. He works in mediums including painting, sculptor, photography, video, furniture, automotive and fashion design. Best known as the Chief Designer of the celebrated Ford GT redesign, Camilo has showcased his advance-concept fashion designs at venues including the Metropolitan Opera House, Detroit Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week. He has been written up in many magazines internationally including the New York Times and Rolling Stone, has been featured in multiple documentaries, and was asked to visit the White House to commemorate contributions made to the Smithsonian Institute. After Camilo completes a solo exhibition at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA this fall, Camilo will host the Detroit By Design Fashion Show and Homeslice Label Launch in his gallery and creative space.

2011 Collection Look Book Now Online

The 2011 Lookbook is now online and viewable here.

Contact me for pricing at

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

pretty girl

Abigail, one of my favorite models whom I've had the pleasure of working with a few times this year, borrowed a bunch of kelly lynne 2011 garments for her photo shoot with Jay London. I'm in love!

Photo: Jay London Photography
Model: Abigail Catherine Brown
MUA: Edvi Kaltsas
Wardrobe: Kelly Lynne

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Figo Hair Salon Event

Figo Hair Salon outfitted their models in Kelly Lynne garments for their 2011 Customer Appreciation Party. Fashion Stylist Rebecca Voigt was kind enough to send on some photos from the event.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

2011 Look Book Preview

I was given 4 preview shots today of my Lookbook. There are 18 more on the way. I am so happy with the way they turned out. Special thanks to my team on this shoot -

Photography: Michelle Matiyow
Models: Maeve, Lizzie Gallup
Make up: Aferdita Qafa
Hair: Sara Landis
Styling:Rebecca Voigt
Photography Assistants: Sarah Alleman , Rob Blews, Christian Najjar

Most especially Michelle, who although is hands down one of the most talented photographers I have ever met, and could easily tell me to piss off for being impatient, yet still remains so kind and understanding with me, even though I badger and harass her daily for these photos.

(You can make each photo larger by clicking on it.)

news, updates.

I had the pleasure of being a part of the People's Art Festival Fashion Show this past weekend. The People's Art Fest is kind of like, if normal boring art fests actually were full of amazing art, instead of ugly paintings of flowers that cost way too much, and pottery. It takes place every year at the Russell Industrial in Detroit, and in addition to art they have bands, food, and this year, a fashion show. Here are some photos!

(Cage skirts by Helena Theosakakoneko, Spandex top by Angela McBride, half collar top by Kelly Lynne)

The fashion show was presented by Anna Goldstone, a fashion stylist whose goal was to show off local talent and how you can mix and match pieces from multiple local designers and create great looks. Involved besides myself were, Helena Theosakakoneko of Kinki Kitty, Justin Smith, Angela McBride of Peace Love Spandex, and Fotoula Lambros of FLD.

On September 23rd, I'm involved in another show, this time the main feature is launching the new collection from designer Emily Thornhill, presenting her collection "Homeslice". The show will be featuring myself, Terrance Sullivan, Camilo Pardo and obviously Emily Thornhill. There are a bunch of great people involved, such as Pop Up Detroit and Rich Rice from Detroit by Design. We had a meeting about it last night and I'm really excited - it's going to be quite the production and many buyers and boutique owners and other industry moguls will be in attendance. I'm so fortunate this summer to have had so many outlets in which to show off my 2011 collection. I can hardly believe it's time to start working on 2012. I will be announcing my 2012 inspiration and sketches here soon, so check back this month.

I'm also doing a slight shift to continue to focus on building my costume design portfolio. I am open this month to take on custom costume design projects for anyone planning on attending Theatre Bizarre this year. Please contact me asap if you are interested at

In addition, if you'd like to see what inspires me on a daily bases, follow me on tumblr.

And lastly, I'd like to thank Zera at Brite Idea Tattoo in Ypsilanti, for the amazing new ink she did for me yesterday. My tribute to my biggest inspiration, Alexander McQueen. No better way to always remember the people who inspired you to do things your way, then to immortalize them on your skin, FOR LIFE. ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pop Up Fashion Show

The show last night was so much fun. And if the dudes who asked me if my models were cats or ballerinas, I'd like to publicly state here that each collection I do tells a specific story. I'm not that shallow. The fall 2011 collection is about the death of youth.

The collection is actually 22 pieces, but I could only use 8 last night, and I thought it was actually really fun to try and get the same point across with less looks. I used much harder/darker make up, bandaged their hands with lace as if they were in some kind of delicate soft suicidal recovery. I think it came off really well.

It was so much fun to finally be a part of a collaborative event. I loved all the other designers and artists, and to have a runway show with Dethlab playing was just brilliant. It was so intense. Kelly Jean and Rebecca were the finale in black and white swan, and they did this insane stand off that was like swan lake meets mcqueen's spring/summer '05 It's All A Game Show. It was perfect. I almost cried.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Editorial Previews!

Photography: Michelle Matiyow
Models: Maeve and Lizzie Gallup
Make up: Aferdita Qafa
Hair: Sara Landis
Styling:Rebecca Voigt
Design:Kelly Lynne
Photography Assistants: Sarah Alleman , Rob Blews, Christian Najjar

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kelly Lynne in the July Issue of Styleline Magazine

Thanks Styleline Magazine, for featuring me in your "Top Designers of Detroit" spread in the July Issue!

2011 Collection Lookbook Photoshoot

A few weeks ago I wrapped up my 2011 Lookbook shoot. I haven't gotten the final images back yet, but here are some "behind the scenes" preview photos. It was a great day, and I was very lucky to work with such a talented crew.

Photographer Michelle Matiyow, Models Lizzie and Maeve, Stylist Rebecca Stevens, Hair Sara Landis, Make up Aferdita Quafa, Photo Assistants Sarah Alleman, Rob Blews and Christian Najjar. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. It's not often you can get a big group of people together who "get" why throwing in a headless doll or a creepy plastic easter bunny is necessary, but these people got it. Final images to come.

We are planning on another shoot in the very near feature that will be 100% costume design focused. It's going deliciously insane and more awesome than anthing I've ever done before.