Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm on this kick of recycling men's flannels and dress shirts...

I know the collar thing is probs getting old, but what can I say, I love a big collar to duck behind when needed.

recycled boyfriend shirt

More fitted.... made to fit me. :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Whew, where has time gone! I have one more week of school, but today was the last day of Draping, my most important and most challenging class. Here are photos of my term garment!

(And I got an A on it. ) Even though the faux leather and the studs on the jacket kind of reacted weirdly. The pleather kind of stretched in a weird way on the collar. But my prof was awesome about it and said I never could have forseen that, and that my design was fantastic. She even got all misty-eye'd today saying she was so proud of us and couldn't believe how good we've all gotten. Awe, it was cute.

Anyway the outfit,

It looks waaay cuter on a person. And tomorrow I get to see it on a person who isn't me! I was selected as one of the designs to be worn by a real model from basic model management in a photo shoot being put on as a final project by the photography majors tomorrow. :)

dress front

The leopard is actually a crinkly taffeta-silk. the photos don't do it justice. And the boob part is like a pinstripe black and white....then the brown is the faux leather.


dress back


Dress w/jacket
Jacket is ultra suede + Faux leather and is fully lined on the inside with the same pinstripe as on the bodice on the dress. The studs are the real deal, and are really heavy.

term garment

2 rows of studs on each sleeve + studs all the way round the collar. The killer was that I actually had twice as many studs on the collar, but then didn't like how it looked, removed them all and repositioned them. And that my friends, is why I have bloody stumps for fingers.

But man, that A was WORTH IT. haha.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Models, Photographer, make-up/hair artist needed! MICHIGAN location.

I'm looking for a photographer and MODELS and possible hair/make-up artist for a fun photo shoot, that will take place in Michigan some time around the end of December/early Jan. You do not need to have any modeling experience, but not be shy - interesting looks/personalities preferred. ;) Email me at kellylynnetinsley@gmail.com for more info and if you have any questions about this excellent opportunity for fun and fashion fabulousness. For links to recent work check out
http://www.kellylynne.com/blog/blog.html or