Tuesday, December 29, 2009

we've all got Rodarte fever.

This is the Rodarte I know and love, The little structured dresses and skirts...one shoulder sleeve looks...combination fabrics and textures. Just beautiful. I love how they keep the subtle hint of bondage in nearly every collection they do, and always seem to stay true to their own aesthetic no matter what's going on in the current trends.

Monday, December 28, 2009

music has the right.

Music plays a huge part in my design process.
It feels weird and empty in my studio when I'm working without music.
My newest obsession is the mix that Ghostly International did for Adult Swim.
You can download it for free here!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Inspiration inspires me.

One of my new years resolutions is to start blogging more. Not just about what I'm doing, but about what inspires me and excites me. For those who know me, I'm really into the creepy, weird, and unusually beautiful. I love to find a way to translate into fashion. Here are some of my favorites. The already legendary Tim Burton inspired shoot that ran in (sept?) Harper's Bizarre.......

I'm sure there are many people out there who might find these photos disturbing and not beautiful or even all that fashion focused. But check out these photos from Numero 88. They could have easily been inspired by something as powerful as the Tim Burton photoshoot. It only takes a tiny element from something you see, to create something unique on your own. Everyone has a different perspective on art, and that's why I love fashion design. It's wearable art - and there is nothing cooler than someone liking your art so much they actually want to wear it.

Here is a photo I have held onto for almost 4 years now. I really want to recreate this type of setting and design and feel for a future photo shoot. So absolutely beautiful.

And finally, the Rodarte sequin ribcage dress. Rodarte is Target's "Go International" designer of the month. Rodarte also happens to be one of my favorite design duos. Generally the Go International lines at Target really interest me from a designer's stand point, but I rarely buy any of the pieces for myself - just because I'm a real stickler for wearing things that no one else is wearing. But this rib cage dress had to be my exception. It's so me in so many ways. I mean, Donnie Darko is still my favorite movie. ;) (The dress is actually sleeveless...they styled it with a striped shirt underneath, which is a little too "lolly goth" for me, but I would wear it with an oversized boyfriend black cardigan and serious heels.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Denise Scarletta photography

I got my photos back from Denise Scarletta, who was the 2nd photographer working on my most recent shoot. The photos are of the same garments, but offer a slightly different style of editing and retouching. Here are my favorites!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here are some of the photos from my November shoot with the talented photographer Emily Hudson and my wonderful gorgeous model Mariah Dallas. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! There were so many beautiful shots. Here are a few of my favorites.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fall 2010 Photoshoot!

Check out my Fall 2010 Preview! I was honored to work with such amazing people. There are many more photos to come, I think between the two photographers, they said they took about 700+ photos! Here is a sneak preview from Emily Hudson's blog -


Saturday, November 14, 2009

There are some really exciting things on the horizon. We are moving into our new home this weekend, which includes a beautiful new studio room for me! In two weeks I'm doing an all natural light photoshoot with the beautiful Mariah as my model, and Emily Hudson is doing the photography, and my friend Nani doing make-up. We are going to shoot 3-4 looks from my pre-fall collection.

During the break between Christmas and New Years, I'm going to have the pleasure of working with a fantastic team, including Michelle Matiyow of LM Studios and Rebecca Stevens, who is a fantastic stylist and also the new editor of 944 Magazine.

I am so excited for these photo shoots and to finally show off my post-college work.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meet my new little baby! 12 week old Suz. :)
(Susan when she's being bad, Suzie when she's being cute.)

I get to pick her up on Monday!
Glad she likes clothes as much as I do. She really knows how to rock the hoodie.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Press!

I'm excited to say that I'm in this month's issue of 944 Magazine. You can actually read it online by going to 944.com/magazine or just click here, and then search for the "Detroit" version. When viewing the magazine online, I'm on page 81! There is a designer profile on me. The magazine is free and can be found in various location around metro detroit, so look for it!

Following that, on page 82, is an article I wrote. I interviewed Terrance Sullivan, who is a local denim designer who just opened up a shop in Birmingham. He was a delight to talk to and very inspirational.

I was also mentioned by annarbor.com here. In which they just mention, that I was mentioned, in 944. Which is pretty funny.

yay for press! :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

This was by far one of the busiest and best October's ever! It seemed as if Halloween lasted forever. Working at a costume shop definitely has it's perks. I think I dressed up in a total of 6 different costumes throughout the last 2 weeks of October. Here are some of my favorites!

Evil pumpkin queen costume for Theatre Bizarre on 10.24 and again for Necto on 10.26

The last week before Halloween we had theme days at work - this was for "eras" day. Everyone swore I was 80's but I still stick to my guns on the fact that I'm definitely early 90's.

and my favorite of all - Halloween night I dressed up as an alien space vampire zombie girl from the 1970's - in true classic B-Movie style. Martin was a zombie red shirt from star trek. This fabulous dress i'm wearing is a vintage piece from Fantasy Attic's costume collection.

I am taking a brief hiatus from any designing or design orders or request until late November. We bought a new house and are closing on it November 10! So I don't expect to even begin any new design projects until late November/early December. But I'm contemplating concentrating soley on my wedding gown and my bridesmaid's dresses from here on out. But I'll play it by ear!

Happy November :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween fashion

We are going to Theatre Bizarre on Saturday, so I thought no better time than the present to create the Halloween costume I've always dreamed of making. Evil pumpkin queen! Since I took these pictures I also made an evil pumpkin head magic wand, and in lieu of the forecast promising lovely temps in the 48 degree range (before it gets dark!) I actually lined my velvet cape with polar fleece. I'm going to do some pretty wild things with my make up too, inspired by the classic jack o' lantern. Basically this idea was floating around in my head because I have this secret dream of costuming a Tim Burton movie one day about a character like this. Hopefully early next week I can post some pics of me in this thing, along side my dapper looking fiance who will be also stylishly adorned in a stunning Victorian suit including a 3 piece cutaway coat suit, top hat, monocle, ascot and cane.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What am I working on right now? My halloween costume!

Here are the beginning stages of the evil pumpkin queen.

Still have lots more to do on this costume before Saturday! Adding a collar, a lace top, more volume, a long cape, and more! I am lucky enough to have gotten a ticket for Theatre Bizaare before they sold out! I'm so excited.

My most recent article for annarbor.com is a pretty good one, I think. I had fun writing it anyway.

In mid-november we will be moving into our new house which has a giant new studio for me! So expect many more design related posts in the future, as I anticipate really getting my game back with a proper venue for creation.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fashion in Detroit, Day 1

Here is the link to my coverage of Fashion in Detroit, Day 1! Although I did not win, it was amazing to be a part of this event. I am looking forward to going back tomorrow to see the rest of the amazing designers showing their Spring 2010 Collections. I really wanted to thank the people who came out to support me today, it meant so much to me...especially since everyone had to take some time off work, I know how hard that can be.

(Martin, Becca, Mom and Jean - thank you!!) :)

Me in a dress I designed to wear to this event.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fashion In Detroit, 2009

I received some great news yesterday! I am one of 3 finalists for the Fashion In Detroit local designer competition! A few months ago I submitted 5 photos of garments I have designed, plus my resume and a cover letter. All Michigan based designers (both professionals and students) were urged to enter this competition with the chance to win a grant - which would basically guarantee them a spot in next season's show (this February) and it would waive the $2500 designer's fee. Myself and the other two finalists (identity unknown at this point) will take the stage on the first night of the show (October 1st) and the event hosts will offer the audience a presentation of the 5 designs submitted by each designer, and then they announce the winner live.

I'm very excited to be a part of this! As far as I'm concerned, I'm already a winner being invited to attend both events and the VIP after party, plus all the great people I'll get to meet. That being said, it would be amazing to win and to be able to show a collection this spring!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway: the all-star challenge.

Check out my weekend Annarbor.com article about season 6 of Project Runway!

As a follow up to this article, they finally aired the "All Star Challenge" online last night and I watched it. Here is my review! I have to say, I enjoyed it much more than the actual season 6 premier. I don't know if it's a loyalty I still feel towards the old designers, or if it was because this episode was shot in New York, but it was really great. It was interesting to see how the the designers they brought back had evolved. Let's start with Chris Marsh. It was a nice twist that they showed him being lazy and sleeping the entire show, and then at the end he turned out this really nice, polished collection full of wool plaids. Totally sophisticated and sleek! Poor guy really needs to get some confidence in him though. Here is my favorite look of his, really nice jacket with a beautiful oversize collar.

I was disappointed with my all time favorite, Santino Rice. In the Bryant Park runway show of Season 2, his old Hollywood glamour inspired 13-look line blew everyone else away in my opinion. Even though he didn't win. But it seems as if he tends to get all caught up in being on television and being crazy and pissing everyone off, and in the end of this challenge it kind of bit him in back. His collection of metallic silver slinky lame' ensembles was nice, but kind of boring and too toned down compared to what people expected of him.

Jeffery Sebelia, another favorite of mine) got poor remarks from the judges, but I personally thought his collection was great. The tangerine gown was kind of a mess, but the other looks were really nice. This was my favorite. Wild sequined slip dress with a great structured blazer. Fantastic shoulders!

Korto - I agreed completely with the judges - pretty, wearable - perfect for every woman. Her "restaurant challenge" gown was amazing though. The designers were invited to a celebratory dinner at a restaurant in NYC's meatpacking district, and after they were done eating they were told they had to construct a 4th look, using only materials found in the restaurant. This amazing dress by Korto was made from place mats and the rocks found in the vases. I honestly think above all the designers, she was the one who deserved the win. This look was the only one that wasn't totally costumey and crazy.

Daniel V. He spoke a few times at FIT while I was in school, and always seemed pretty smart and willing to give good solid advice to new designers. However, I am not so sure I see this as a winning collection. This little dress is hot. The shape is nice, the choice of fabrics was creative. The side panel inserts are well done. But the overall winner? Maybe, but...eh. I guess I still have really mixed feelings about this.

This dress, like I said, Nice.

And there are no words for this bubble mini skirt and mesh tank top they were going so ga-ga over. It's simple, it's nice, but deserving of $100,000? Please.

And I don't even want to comment on his "restaurant materials piece".
Really? I mean REALLY?

Uli - Nice, interesting work. I would have thought she'd get higher marks. It's clear she has evolved from what we saw her doing in season 3 of Project Runway, which was a lot of long flowy printed dresses, perfect for Miami Beach. This structured mini dress with interesting ruffled pleats along the bodice is pretty nice. Unfortunately the judges found it too toned down and didn't like her color palette.

Her "restaurant dress" was amazing! Very Rodarte.

I loved Sweet P's color story, and the romantic "garden party" feel of the 4 looks tied together. The little green leather dress was my favorite. Super hot, super cute, I'd wear it in a second.

Mychael Knight. (Didn't he spell his name Michael when he was on Season 3?) His collection was "okay". I dunno. I don't even know what else to say about it. He seemed lost and a bit spaced. What he made was by no means terrible, but it wasn't all that great either. When the first look came down the runway, and then the second look I felt it didn't look cohesive in the least. But somehow in a way the four pieces did go together nicely with the bold bright colors and 80's body hugging shapes. He was the one designer who didn't seem to grow as much since is debut on season 3.

This is the only dress of his I really liked. Simple, but cute. Nice folded pleats on the bodice, kind of origami like.

For me it was inspiring to watch these designers work again. Many of them were my favorites from past seasons and it was nice to know they weren't so traumatized by being on the show that they would return for this challenge opportunity. I am strongly considering auditioning for season 7 or 8, if they get picked up again.
The only reason I didn't audition in the past was, before I attended FIT I didn't feel that I had the skills. During school, it was impossible! Two years of fashion design school is intense. There was no time for realty shows or even getting together a portfolio. School was my life. But now, I'm starting to consider it. I just have so many things on my plate right now. Trying to get together enough looks for a fall photoshoot; trying to open an etsy shop; trying to design my wedding gown...rome wasn't built in a day.