Sunday, May 27, 2012

Custom Bridal Design for my #1 Girl.

When Kelly Jean, (who is one of my very good friends but also one of my fashion muses who has done a lot of modeling for me) approached me about designing a non-traditional party dress for her circus themed summer wedding, I was beyond excited. As I've mentioned before, doing custom design for special events in people's lives is so much fun and I feel so honored to be asked. This one was extra special because this girl is extra special. (Like, it's hard to actually express in words how much love I have for this incredible woman.) We found the ivory and gold oversized polka dotted brocade fabric at Mood, and knew it was absolutely perfect. Very circus chic with a touch of whimsical summer garden party. The ivory made it just a touch bridal but the big gold polka dots made it special and unique. I loved to watch her twirl on the dance floor in that full skirt. LOVE you KJ! What a beautiful wedding.

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