Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway: the all-star challenge.

Check out my weekend article about season 6 of Project Runway!

As a follow up to this article, they finally aired the "All Star Challenge" online last night and I watched it. Here is my review! I have to say, I enjoyed it much more than the actual season 6 premier. I don't know if it's a loyalty I still feel towards the old designers, or if it was because this episode was shot in New York, but it was really great. It was interesting to see how the the designers they brought back had evolved. Let's start with Chris Marsh. It was a nice twist that they showed him being lazy and sleeping the entire show, and then at the end he turned out this really nice, polished collection full of wool plaids. Totally sophisticated and sleek! Poor guy really needs to get some confidence in him though. Here is my favorite look of his, really nice jacket with a beautiful oversize collar.

I was disappointed with my all time favorite, Santino Rice. In the Bryant Park runway show of Season 2, his old Hollywood glamour inspired 13-look line blew everyone else away in my opinion. Even though he didn't win. But it seems as if he tends to get all caught up in being on television and being crazy and pissing everyone off, and in the end of this challenge it kind of bit him in back. His collection of metallic silver slinky lame' ensembles was nice, but kind of boring and too toned down compared to what people expected of him.

Jeffery Sebelia, another favorite of mine) got poor remarks from the judges, but I personally thought his collection was great. The tangerine gown was kind of a mess, but the other looks were really nice. This was my favorite. Wild sequined slip dress with a great structured blazer. Fantastic shoulders!

Korto - I agreed completely with the judges - pretty, wearable - perfect for every woman. Her "restaurant challenge" gown was amazing though. The designers were invited to a celebratory dinner at a restaurant in NYC's meatpacking district, and after they were done eating they were told they had to construct a 4th look, using only materials found in the restaurant. This amazing dress by Korto was made from place mats and the rocks found in the vases. I honestly think above all the designers, she was the one who deserved the win. This look was the only one that wasn't totally costumey and crazy.

Daniel V. He spoke a few times at FIT while I was in school, and always seemed pretty smart and willing to give good solid advice to new designers. However, I am not so sure I see this as a winning collection. This little dress is hot. The shape is nice, the choice of fabrics was creative. The side panel inserts are well done. But the overall winner? Maybe, I guess I still have really mixed feelings about this.

This dress, like I said, Nice.

And there are no words for this bubble mini skirt and mesh tank top they were going so ga-ga over. It's simple, it's nice, but deserving of $100,000? Please.

And I don't even want to comment on his "restaurant materials piece".
Really? I mean REALLY?

Uli - Nice, interesting work. I would have thought she'd get higher marks. It's clear she has evolved from what we saw her doing in season 3 of Project Runway, which was a lot of long flowy printed dresses, perfect for Miami Beach. This structured mini dress with interesting ruffled pleats along the bodice is pretty nice. Unfortunately the judges found it too toned down and didn't like her color palette.

Her "restaurant dress" was amazing! Very Rodarte.

I loved Sweet P's color story, and the romantic "garden party" feel of the 4 looks tied together. The little green leather dress was my favorite. Super hot, super cute, I'd wear it in a second.

Mychael Knight. (Didn't he spell his name Michael when he was on Season 3?) His collection was "okay". I dunno. I don't even know what else to say about it. He seemed lost and a bit spaced. What he made was by no means terrible, but it wasn't all that great either. When the first look came down the runway, and then the second look I felt it didn't look cohesive in the least. But somehow in a way the four pieces did go together nicely with the bold bright colors and 80's body hugging shapes. He was the one designer who didn't seem to grow as much since is debut on season 3.

This is the only dress of his I really liked. Simple, but cute. Nice folded pleats on the bodice, kind of origami like.

For me it was inspiring to watch these designers work again. Many of them were my favorites from past seasons and it was nice to know they weren't so traumatized by being on the show that they would return for this challenge opportunity. I am strongly considering auditioning for season 7 or 8, if they get picked up again.
The only reason I didn't audition in the past was, before I attended FIT I didn't feel that I had the skills. During school, it was impossible! Two years of fashion design school is intense. There was no time for realty shows or even getting together a portfolio. School was my life. But now, I'm starting to consider it. I just have so many things on my plate right now. Trying to get together enough looks for a fall photoshoot; trying to open an etsy shop; trying to design my wedding gown...rome wasn't built in a day.


chrysta c. said...

I enjoyed watching this more than the season premiere as well, though the actual pieces and outcome were weird to me. I was honestly kinda baffled to see Sweet P and Chris in the final 4. It also really bothered me that the judges seemed to eliminate Uli because her design aesthetic evolved too much, yet they kept Chris and praised him for, um, significantly evolving his design aesthetic. Also, like, maybe the judges should've seen what Uli's been doing since PR and realized that she's changed since first being on the show but her All-Star collection was an accurate reflection of her current POV. Plus, I think Sweet P is a darling (you should've heard me screaming at the TV after Santino said something like "you don't look a day over 52" -- like, say that with your hair uncovered, Santino) and I rooted hard for her when she was on previously, but some of the details this time around were sloppy and/or just bad. Her restaurant challenge dress looked way too big up top, and her red carpet dress was nothing special, except the bottom which was special in its ugliness/cheap looking-ness.

In the strictest sense of a collection (like, having a color story that was very apparent, and making separates), I GUESS I can see how the judges ended up giving Daniel the top prize, but it definitely wasn't the best overall set of pieces. Like you said, the restaurant challenge look was goofy; it looked like the model had a bomb strapped to her stomach.

I could go on, but enough ranting.

woooo said...

yeah I agree, it was really random to have sweet p. and chris, it really made me wonder, did they ask everyone and these are the designers who were interested? Or did they have only a set number of - winners, almost winners, and then those who were early on eliminated? very strange.

please, feel free to rant on, it's nice to hear other opinions and to know someone is actually reading what I write, haha. ;)