Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vintage = Excellent.

I love vintage inspiration. These ladies really knew how to dress. People these days just don't seem to get it. I get a lot of ideas from looking at old photos. I like to mentally insert my face into their memories, their clothes, those days, that time.

I'm also going to start posting my art. Here is one piece I did over the summer called Monsters in the Park.


Unknown said...

I love most everything from the 20's-very early 60's. I watched a corvette commercial just yesterday selling for like $900. haha!

Jackson Chronicles said...
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Jackson Chronicles said...

Looks like from the children's book called "Where the Wild Things Are" which was loved by many!

Encourage you to continue posting your art.
It seems to concentrate your fashion leanings.

Where fashion is limited in dimensions. Art allows more free expression.

Artfully yours,