Wednesday, March 18, 2009

exhibition garment cont.

So we finally met with our critic, Lawrence Rich, on Monday. He is excited about my bodice and called it "an art piece" but wasn't too keen on the skirt, so I have to redo it. He wants a more bubbled, structured peg. So I have to work on it more, which, will honestly be easy because like I said before, it's the bodice made of leather straps and buckles that is going to be the show stopper. I'm going to be weaving together leather straps, and even adding buckle hardware to some of the pieces, including a shoulder strap that isn't pictured on the muslan. Here are some photos of the drape from Monday.

straps dress

Bodice close up view.

SO EXCITING, EH? I know, not really. BUT IT WILL BE. Hopefully. :)

Plus special THANKS to Allison Graw ( for my new layout/look! We are still working on changing the look of the blog, but main site looks fab. I'm going to be updating the Illustration, Store, and Info links coming soon... let me know what you think. Your comments/opinions are valued very much.


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