Monday, November 2, 2009

This was by far one of the busiest and best October's ever! It seemed as if Halloween lasted forever. Working at a costume shop definitely has it's perks. I think I dressed up in a total of 6 different costumes throughout the last 2 weeks of October. Here are some of my favorites!

Evil pumpkin queen costume for Theatre Bizarre on 10.24 and again for Necto on 10.26

The last week before Halloween we had theme days at work - this was for "eras" day. Everyone swore I was 80's but I still stick to my guns on the fact that I'm definitely early 90's.

and my favorite of all - Halloween night I dressed up as an alien space vampire zombie girl from the 1970's - in true classic B-Movie style. Martin was a zombie red shirt from star trek. This fabulous dress i'm wearing is a vintage piece from Fantasy Attic's costume collection.

I am taking a brief hiatus from any designing or design orders or request until late November. We bought a new house and are closing on it November 10! So I don't expect to even begin any new design projects until late November/early December. But I'm contemplating concentrating soley on my wedding gown and my bridesmaid's dresses from here on out. But I'll play it by ear!

Happy November :)

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