Thursday, October 9, 2008

October nights

I thought I'd post some pics of the stuff I did over the summer. I'm waiting on a new cable for my soon as I get it, I'll post my newer stuff, which I'm really proud of! I've made some great party dresses lately.... until then.... summer stuff!

dress front

I wore this one to a wedding in Michigan.


I wore this to my sister Allison's wedding!

And here are some more random things I made...






"Kelly" Top.

The skirt below is made from my sister's left over curtain fabric. She was like, can you make something out of this? And I took it as a challenge.


I can make "something" out of anything! :)

I call this one below my hipster dress. It's one of those dresses that looks a lot more special on a person than a dress form.

hipster dress

Here is a jumper I made. I really like the pockets in the front, and the cut in the back, so I posted both views.

simple jumper 1 front

simple jumper 1 back

That's all for now! More soon..... I'm so busy with school right now, but my new stuff is pretty sweet. I'm so inspired by fall so I have a lot of looks in dark burgundy, brown, red, orange and green. I made a dress I"m totally in love with, that I wore to a wedding of our friend's Ruth and Chris on Sept 28th. I'll post that soon, as well as the projects I've done so far at FIT. We are working on soft silhouettes - cowl necks, knits, fitted jeans, balanced and unbalanced dolman sleeves and bal and unbal peg skirts. My weekend project is an unbalanced peg skirt, most of the fullness is pulled to the back and I'm doing a million pleats. It's pretty, and I'll show a picture soon!

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