Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yes, I'm insane.

Five tips for myself on how I intend to tackle designing and constructing a 30 look line in two months.

So actually I'm lying, I have the collection about 30% done. But still. 70% in a little over two months is still no joke.

1. Drink more water, eat healthier. Okay so I already eat pretty healthy. I've been a vegetarian for 17 years now (and as I type that I'm kind of in awe of that insane number). However, improvements can be made. When under stress I tend to substitute caffeine and sugar for water and food. More protein (tofu and quorn, no processed faux meat products full of salt.) and raw veggies and nuts.

2. Join a gym. I have been looking for months for a treadmill on craigslist, but affordable quality seems impossible to find, I'm assuming because it's the beginning of the New Year and everyone is going nuts with the lose weight! resolutions. SO, lucky for me, a new gym is opening almost across the street from my house. My fIance even told me he'd join with me. Working out always gives me incredible energy, so this will help for stamina and long nights.

3. Play songs that I have always associated with "the runway" while I'm working. Hearing music that I can picture models stomping down the runway to, always makes me want to make clothes.

4. Make a giant inspiration board Seeing what has been accomplished by my fashion peers always motivates me.

5. Put coffee pot and plenty of french roast, inside studio. and ignore #1. Who am I kidding? there is no way I can finish an entire collection with "less caffeine". ha!


I'm a little under halfway there still, but at this point there is no going back. I'm going to withdraw all the money I've saved for my October wedding. (don't worry, my fiance's idea actually.) and pray I'll still have a wedding in October. THAT'S how much this means to me. (Although, not going to lie, getting married means more to me.... but I know we'll still get married no matter what. City Hall?)

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