Thursday, January 28, 2010

what tough chicks wear, apparently.

Shopbop, although how I do love them, has a daily email that highlights their 'look of the moment' in which the editors pick accessories, clothing and shoes and put them together so you can easily shop their site to create a certain look. Today the look is "Accessories with attitude: our tough chic picks." Now, having dabbled in fashion journalism I understand (and often enjoy) the need for these types of constructed labeled stereotypical editorials. But this one in particular makes me think of something I heard at the costume shop this Halloween season.

" I wonder what all the goth and punk kids think about the fact that to some, their lifestyles are a Halloween costume."


That being said, here are my favorites (followed by one not-so-favorite) from the shopbop "Touch Chic Picks."

The Alexander Wang Gunny Sack

Erickson Beamon for Alice + Olivia. Everyone is going nuts over this, and with good reason. If my fiance wanted to get me the best valentines day gift ever, this would be on my list of top five best ever for my want-want-now collection of fantastic things.

And the next thing on that list would be the Hoffs Bracelet by Fallon Jewelry


I'm not a big ring person, I guess because I already have two rings that are very special to me that I never take off (my engagement ring, and my birthstone/diamond right hand ring that my guy got me in Christmas of 2004.) and adding on another is just too much. But either way, this is a beautiful piece of jewelry by C C Skye.

And finally, Dolce Vita, you make some great shoes. You really do. For example, these unbelievable chain booties would make my feet smile for days.

These, on the other hand are just a sad, sad disaster. They look so beautiful at first glance. Until you get to the toes. Thong toe!? so wrong. The last thing I want to see when I'm looking at a pair of shoes this (potentially) gorgeous, are two thonged toes peeking out the end. So disappointing, dolce vita. I kinda hope to see someone in these somewhere in Birmingham, just so I can point and laugh.

Here is the link to the original post if you want to see more rocker tough chic looks from shop bop!

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Becca said...

I agree about the Dolce Vita shoes at the end - if they didn't have that thong (can you imagine how uncomfortable? all the pressure on the skin between your toes?), I would be ALL OVER those!