Monday, January 25, 2010

update on fashion in detroit.

So, late last week I found out some really disappointing news. Due to lack of funding, the March Fashion in Detroit show was canceled. They do however, have solid plans to still hold the October show, and I have been invited to show then as well. The only problem with this, is that I'm getting married October 3rd. The FID show is tentatively the 22nd and 23rd. However, creating an entire collection on my own is a really intense amount of work. I've been working on my Fall 2010 Collection for months, and probably won't finish until maybe a week before my show March 20th. I'm afraid that designing a collection while trying to plan my wedding, design & construct my wedding dress as well as my bridesmaids dresses.... it might be too much. I'm still on the fence about it. Who knows, I might realize I actually am super human and try to be uber crazy and just do it.

Meanwhile, there is the issue of the donations. I received about $1100 in donations towards the FID event. It wasn't my ultimate goal, but it was enough to make the fee manageable. Thanks to all the wonderful friends I have, showing my collection to a wider audience in the fashion world, became a reality. So now that it's canceled, do I auto-refund all the donations? I am still having the show at Oslo March 20th, and admission is free to all. I could use the money to make it a little more spectacular. I have also heard that another large scale event is possibly in the works, with bigger sponsors, and if it happens, it will be on the same date as FID was supposed to be. If said event actually happens, it's been hinted that I might be invited to show. I currently dont have any information about if there will be a designer's fee or not, but I'm trying to find out.

If you're reading this, and you're one of the amazingly awesome people who donated to my fund... what are your thoughts? I would really appreciate hearing them. One fear I have, is that I email everyone and give the the option to leave the donation towards future events, or to ask for it back...well, I'm worried people won't feel comfortable asking for it back - which, by all means, you shouldn't feel obligated to not ask for it back AT ALL. I wouldn't think any less of anyone. I mean, we're in the middle of a recession. I don't have any money either, so I would completely understand.


Michael Suzio said...

I can just speak for myself, but I'd say you can keep the money and make the upcoming show at Oslo even more awesome.

Unknown said...

i would say keep the funds you raised and use it towards the fashion in detroit october show, maybe you can raise more! also, what other event is going on in october?

Unknown said...

i think you should keep your raised funds and use them for the next fashion in detroit show in october, hopefully you can raise more! i am looking forward to your collection, what is the other event you are speaking of in october?


woooo said...

Hi CJ, the other event (if it happens) wouldn't be in October, it would be in March (i've been told). but it's up in the air so far and nothing has been confirmed, but the people in charge of it are trying to bring in big name designers and also heavily promote local designers to show as well. I do hope it happens!

Jackson Chronicles said...

Jean said "I prefer you keep it and use it to cover the expenses for your own show." Actually, I feel now my money is going directly to you--no middleman so to speak. Whatever and whenever you want to do with it is fine with me just don't give back to me.