Thursday, January 14, 2010

designers i admire part 3

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MINI MARKET. OMG LUV. <----- click to view lookbooks.

3 sister designers from Sweden; Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt. The trio was selected by Swedish Elle and H&M to be the best new designer label of the year 2006. The design philosophy is based on using opposites for perfect balance. It’s proper contra sensual, comfortable combined with extravagant. The three sisters all vary widely in taste and style and it’s the inspiration in finding a unifying path in design that inspires the group. (via

The photo above is from their S/S2010 collection, and my god, what is this? little red riding hood in couture wearing a bird beak having lunch with mickey mouse at the MET? Cruella and Charlie walking down the street, smoking long cigarettes and smelling like antique books. It's absolutely fantastic is what it is.

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