Sunday, March 14, 2010

sunday fundays.

Im getting to the end of the road here. Just a zipper to put in, a few pairs of tights to dye, and some slight alterations in straps and things and then...voila, my Fall 2010 collection will be finished.

My final day of model fittings is today. So far all the girls have been so nice and excited, and look just amazing in the clothes. I'm really getting excited. I hope today goes just as well.

Because this collection has consumed my entire life, I've had little time to blog about anything else. The Fall shows, the Oscars, it's all just slipped by me too quickly. As I sit here waiting for my first fitting appointment on this glorious sunday of spring forward, I will leave you with my one favorite Oscar gown, brought to us by Prada and worn by the adorable Carey Mulligan.

Looks like a pretty dress. Then you get closer and see it's made of teeny tiny kitchen utensils and misc. charms. OMFG this is amazing.

You know what else I like today?


and the idea of wearing black lace gloves at my wedding.

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