Monday, March 22, 2010

the launch of my fall 2010 collection.

Saturday night was epic. Everything went better than I could have ever imagined. Tons of pictures are up on my facebook fan page and we will have video up soon too, but there are a few teasers down below.

I need to thank first, my wonderful fiance Martin, who not only BUILT me a runway, but also made more time in his own life to do all the things I couldn't do because I had to dedicate the last 5 months of my life to this and only this. He also did an amazing job flyering, talking me up, and networking. None of this would have happened with out him. I also owe the success of this event to the struggle guys who throw recession (Stos, Mathew, Jon, Frankie, Aaron, Chris, Bryan) for not only letting me take over their venue completely, but also helping with promotion, setting up lights, making a hologram of my name to shine on the curtain(!!!)...thank you Mathew for that!! and just overall being really supportive. And of course all the lovely models and volunteers.

Without someone to look at them, wear them and make them come to life, clothes are just pieces of fabric sewn together. These models, many of whom were my friends, and some I'd only met when they modeled for me - were all just the most spirited, encouraging, beautiful individuals, inside and out. My Volunteers, Andrea..Sadie...Nicole... I would have never gotten through those quick changes without you there!! Mandi Nixx, my make up girl, was fast, and completely amazing. She created the exact make up look I had in my head. I heard she even works on the set of Burn Notice - how cool is that? Had I known, maybe I would have sent some head trauma down the runway. Maybe next time, for sure. (Bloody spring!) Alisha Fraser, did my hair - she was also just phenomenal. She did a mix of vintage pin up with rocker mohawk. It was absolutely perfect. And last but not least, my lovely parents - my sister allison and her husband dave...and all the wonderful friends I have who came out to support me! It was really overwhelming, really.

All in all, it was truly the best night of my life. The room was packed, the lights were flashing, everything went wonderful.

Credit to Evelyn Miska on the above photos.

Hopefully I will have some full body shots of all the looks up soon. This collection will be available for pre-order in late June!

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