Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exhibition garment progress....

2 posts in one weekend! I'm trying to get better at this. I'm officially on SPRING BREAK right now, even though I'm working at my other job, at the Anthropolgie store in Soho for most of my break, all my other waking hours are devoted to this garment. I posted the sketch a few entries ago HERE. and then the muslan drape HERE.

So I thought I'd show a few more progress pics... although I have to say the lighting does no justice for the colors of those leathers. They are gorgeous in person and the camera makes them look more yellow-y or something.
Even though I personally didnt think this was necessary (and was later proven by the fact that I didn't even USE this, my professor wanted me to make a muslan prototype of how I was going to lay out the straps. So here it is, I think it looks like something a sexy mummy might wear.

Next I created the boned lining. This is siri with boning sewn in (took forever). This lining gets "sandwiched" between the outside leather piece and another piece of silk lining that goes against the body.

And here are a few pictures of me trying to figure out where I want to sew on the straps. It's going to take me FOREVER to do this part, so don't expect to see much until I get it figured out. Ugh, this dress is going to be a killer, but SO worth it if I can execute it nicely.


allison said...

yessss this is gonna be so cool!

Jackson Chronicles said...

What a huge endeavor! But then most of your projects are bold and boundary stretching. Love watching them develop.