Sunday, April 19, 2009

Exhibition Garment Photos

Here are some photos of the finished dress for the Gianni Versace Senior Exhibition. We were required to create a garment inspired by Versace. I based mine on his bondage collection from the 90's. They haven't been judged or commented on, as it's Sunday and I just finished it today. So I'm not feeling any relief yet, only nerves! Let me know what you think. The bodice is constructed from 1'' leather strips - metallic gold, metallic bronze and black. The inside of it is made like a corset with a boned siri lining, and the entire dress is fully lined. The shoulder straps are made from the same 1'' strips and have 2 working metal clasps which I painted gold myself. You can change them around and attach them in different ways. This only took me about 900 million hours. ;)

here is a piece from the collection that inspired my you can get an idea of what kind of aesthetic I was aiming for.

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