Saturday, November 13, 2010

it's november?

I haven't posted in forever! That's what happens when you get married then go on a 3 week honeymoon, then get home and it's your birthday, then halloween, then you get a new job. ;)

The bridesmaids dresses and my dress...they all came out great. The hard work paid off, my vision came through. I was happy.

See some of the photos here.

I am now working for Versatile Corsets, which has been just amazing. I will be designing a Kelly Lynne corset for them in the near future as well, which is just the cherry on top of the pie. I couldn't have gotten luckier with this opportunity - to finally combine my love of corsetry, costuming, burlesque, vaudeville with daily work? It has been a dream.

I have a lot to blog about as far as where kelly lynne designs is going, and what is coming up on the horizon as far as my vision for my company and fashion in detroit, etc. But that will have to come later. It's the weekend, and I'm busy. The husband and I just got back from seeing Teasetown Correctional at Savoy, which was amazing - we saw it last year and were smitten - this year was just as good if not better, and I loved the little nod to the devistating Theatre Bizarre shut down this year. We all laughed and it felt good.

Anyhow, I'll leave you with is me trying to tighten one of my new corsets, with the help of no one.

All in a day's work.

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