Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall take my heart.

wow. if i weren't getting married in 1 month, I'd do a massive post on fall fashion. but I'm tired and I don't have time. instead I will just mention what great pleasure the september issue of vogue has brought me today. I live for fall. The colors, the textures, the smells, the feeling of something leaving us behind. Something dying, something reborn. I can still smell new pencils and brand new clothes and the anticipation of that which goes into the first few weeks of school starting again. Cider mills, wool skirts, tights. Jack o' lanterns, leather jackets.

When I am in heaven, it will be September and October, over and over again. Scarfs and halloween and that first night you need a coat. And the note you find in the pocket, from the boy you want it to be from.


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