Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween fashion

We are going to Theatre Bizarre on Saturday, so I thought no better time than the present to create the Halloween costume I've always dreamed of making. Evil pumpkin queen! Since I took these pictures I also made an evil pumpkin head magic wand, and in lieu of the forecast promising lovely temps in the 48 degree range (before it gets dark!) I actually lined my velvet cape with polar fleece. I'm going to do some pretty wild things with my make up too, inspired by the classic jack o' lantern. Basically this idea was floating around in my head because I have this secret dream of costuming a Tim Burton movie one day about a character like this. Hopefully early next week I can post some pics of me in this thing, along side my dapper looking fiance who will be also stylishly adorned in a stunning Victorian suit including a 3 piece cutaway coat suit, top hat, monocle, ascot and cane.

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