Sunday, May 17, 2009

This morning I FINISHED my last project ever at FIT, the fluted bodice dress with french lining. Then my wonderful boyfriend Martin went with me to FIT and I cleaned out my locker. (had to choke back tears). My parents are going to be here in less than an hour, they made the 12 hour drive from Michigan just to see me graduate. They are the BEST. I feel such a crazy mix of emotions right now. Most of which comes from 2 weeks of not sleeping and suddenly being finished with all projects and feeling like I lost a leg somewhere or something. Tomorrow is my last class. Tuesday is my graduation. THEN 2 awesome weeks of doing nothing but hanging out in new york, then it's back to michigan, to start the process of figuring out how to make money. I intend on focusing my resume action heavily on California and New York. No, I am def not giving up on finding a job here. The recession will continue on, and fizz out, but my passion will not. :)

Here is the dress... weighs about 5lbs, heh. the construction on this thing is insane...the inside has french lining, which is boned, and kind of like a really tough corset bra, like they used to wear in the 1950s.

fluted bodice dress

bias dress with fluted bodice and french lining

Doing this, all of this, has really changed me. Today, I am grateful for my bravery. Because I did this. In two days, I will be a degree'd fashion designer. Who am I kidding though. I didn't need the degree to know the first time I sewed together a basic skirt and felt the magic of someone who just absolutely loves to make clothes.



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