Monday, March 23, 2009

RATE my youtube video and leave comments! I'm trying to win a free car!
The more popular I am, the better my chances......


Jackson Chronicles said...

Love Ford! Hail to the Fiesta! But whooa to oldie but goodie Escorts too. Great designs go together. Loved your girlfriends! Would enjoy seeing them in the Motor City cruising down Woodward.

Detroit needs some more fashion class!! Good luck on the Fiesta contest. Do you give dancing lessons?


Jackson Chronicles said...

Pardon me. Betty and Alice! I forgot to say I loved your outfits not to mention your figures.

Hmmmm. Are you available? I know a couple of nice guys down the hall?

Of course, they drive Fords. Does a Focus count?

Let me know if Betty and Alice have any outfits that match that great green metallic color of your promo Fiesta. We definitely would need to coordinate our fashion duds with our cool green Fiesta.

And sequins are a must!

Fashionably yours,